For many years it was a running “joke” in my family (mainly with my sister and brother) that “Pat can’t boil water”. (By the way, I’m Pat)
Well, I could but there was a chance it would boil until there was nothing left and the pot was scorched.

I would try and sometimes it really would work out pretty well. The first thing I learned to do well, surprisingly enough, was Thanksgiving Dinner.
I could and did cook for friends and family for several years.  Always had great reviews and leftovers went home with everyone.  There was one year that my now ex-husband and I were going to his mothers for dinner and he asked me to cook as well.
We went to her house then back to ours with his brother and ate what I had prepared.

While I was married I also learned to make omelets and fried chicken.  I learned to make omelets by trial and error and learned how to make fried chicken by having my husband walk into the kitchen and hand me a Martha Stewart Living magazine and saying “read this”.  I said “Ok” and put it down.  He replied “Read it now.  I’m going to the store”.  What he wanted me to read was “Fried Chicken 101”. It worked.
We decided that he liked my omelets and my fried chicken so naturally the next step was…. you guessed it….. fried chicken omelets. (They really were pretty good).

The fried chicken omelets is how I began to find my “voice” in the kitchen.  I didn’t really begin to cook and experiment in the kitchen until I was 30.  I was going through a divorce and found cooking to be very therapeutic.  I also quickly realized that for me, presentation was as important as taste.  Cooking for myself was fun but cooking for friends and family brought me so much joy.  I loved it.

The first time around with many things, I follow a recipe.  Then I decide “I can do this” and I do.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I am now in my 40’s and while I still love cooking for others, I now truly enjoy making pretty food for myself.  It’s not uncommon for me to put together a plate of escargot stuff French bread in a light garlic cream sauce or some caviar and lobster or even a plate of pretty cheeses and pate.  It makes me happy.  I may eat it all or I may sip a little wine and take a few bites and simply sit there smiling.


All plates I have made for myself when I simply wanted to “enjoy the day”.

Recently  I left a job I loved but was burned out on doing and decided to take a little break through the holidays. Once I made this decision,  I made another. I decided it was time to follow my heart, find a little passion again and do what I enjoy. COOK!
Cooking is “therapy” for me. (even when I mess it up) I love to cook by myself and with my friends and I love that we laugh and get loud and often drink a bit too much wine (we do drink pretty good wine). The Sassy Kitchen is about just that. It’s about celebrating life in the kitchen.

Please join me on this journey.

Here on this blog, I will post full detail recipes, the good the bad and the ugly. I’ll write about my friends and our cooking adventures. I’ll share favorite recipes of mine and of my loved ones and will give you background on all of it. Some will be funny, some will be serious and all of it will be a little bit “Sassy”.

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Let’s have some fun!