I’ve been having so much fun lately!

This project of mine has become more than I imagined (already).  I’ve been cooking, taking photos, writing recipes, changing recipes, rewriting recipes…. It’s actually  more difficult than one might think, to stop and snap a picture during each step of cooking.  And of course it’s not just a quick snap, it’s 10 snaps then back to the dish before it’s a mess.  🙂

My friend Cynthia Cosco is the owner and winemaker at Passaggio Wines and I had the pleasure of cooking for her and a group of our friends recently.  I paired 4 of her wines with several dishes.  I used the wine in the recipes too.

Keep an eye on the Passaggio Wines Blog at www.passaggiowinesblog.com and on my facebook page www.Facebook.com/TheSassyKitchen for the pictures, posts, recipes and updates.

We are both on twitter too!

Me: @TheSassyKitchen
Cynthia @passaggio

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