I LOVE Valentine’s Day!  I have always loved it.  I really am THAT hopeless romantic that has never stopped believing.

Like many, I am single and am not celebrating this super romantic day with a sweetie.  What I wish more people, both men and women, realized is that being single isn’t a death sentence. It’s not sad or pathetic, it’s just being single.  I wish more people would view it as an opportunity to grow and love themselves more.  What I mean is buy yourself some flowers, prepare a special meal, open that bottle of wine that you’ve been wanting to open.

Ladies, put on something that makes you feel pretty and sexy.  Gentlemen, get out of your ratty sweats and put on some real clothes (and maybe even some sexy boxers).  Light the candles and romance yourself! Do these things for YOU!  The more you love yourself, the more you’re opening the door for that special someone to find their way to you.

Now before you start laughing, think about what I have said.  I actually do these things for myself.  I do them often, not just on Valentine’s day.  I love flowers so I stopped waiting for someone to buy them for me and I buy them for myself.  I love good food and wine so I buy them.  I love pretty things…….. so I buy and wear them.  I cook nice meals for myself and light candles and drink good wine.  I do these things because they make me happy.

Today I am going to celebrate loving myself and I am going to prepare brunch.  I think I will start with a glass of bubbles and a foie gras cream egg.  THEN I just might prepare a flatbread pizza with duck breast, arugula and goat cheese……. I started the day with Godiva chocolate and coffee so why not keep going. 🙂

Be good to yourself and celebrate the love in your heart!

Big hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!
The Sassy Kitchen