This morning I am enjoying coffee & beignets after spending the evening with some amazing friends


Yesterday I cooked a big ol’ pot o’ gumbo and 10 pounds of crawfish then I sat at my dining table with a couple of friends that always make me laugh until I cry.

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We talked and laughed at ate and drank wine that another friend gave me and laughed more.

One friend shared with me that she shared my recipes and page with her sister in Atlanta and now she is following what we are up to as well.
Hello little sister in Atlanta!

They showed up at the door wearing crawfish hats and great big claws on their hands.  6 hours later and a couple bottles of wine later, they put their hats and claws back on and left the same way they arrived.

This is why I say that The Sassy Kitchen is about celebrating life in the kitchen.  When I spend time in the kitchen that often leads to time sitting around the table laughing.

Life is good!

Here’s to Crawfish & Friendship!!