I have ALWAYS loved my birthday!   Several years ago, I would go around to co-workers/friends desks and flip through their calendar (in January when we got new ones) and I’d write “Patricia’s Birthday, Buy Presents” on the page for my birthday.  🙂  It didn’t really work but did make everyone laugh.

This year I have decided that I want to have a Sangria Party!   Not sure why I decided this but I did.


I’m getting together with a few friends to stroll around Napa for “Porchfest” and sip Sangria.  Now, this was a great idea until it began to sink in that I have never made Sangria.  I have poured white zinfandel and sprite into a cooler and added fresh fruit but that’s not exactly the same. Think late 80’s early 90’s homemade wine coolers – Some reading this were helping me.  You know who you are!

This little party is going to turn into a competition.  A couple friends have their own “Secret Recipes” and they’re bringing them!  (Yay Sangria!)  BUT this means I have some research to do!  I may even have to make a test batch or two.

I have 2 weeks……….. Let’s see what happens!!!

Any tips?? I could really use them!  🙂