Tonight I put that leftover steak to use.

I didn’t want to go crazy and do a lot of cooking (ok fine, I didn’t want to cook at all)
So I pulled a few things out of the refrigerator and all of a sudden that “could have been boring” leftover steak turned into a really great sandwich.


All I did was reheat the steak (30 seconds in the microwave)
Tossed it in a bowl with some arugula, pine nuts, and goat cheese.
Added a little dressing that I picked up at Emerald Coast Olive Oil in Panama City, Fl. (Sesame, Mango, Walnut SOOOO YUMMY) – add any you like. I changed my mind 3 times today.
Give it a good stir.

Mix it
Pop a pita in the toaster and when it pops out – STUFF IT!


Dinner was light and delicious and NOT BORING.

I often keep pita or flatbread at home to make an easy dinner using leftovers a bit more interesting.

I still have leftover potatoes and spinach. I hear an omelet calling my name.