This is so incredibly easy!
Got 15 to 20 minutes including prep time? Then you’ve got fresh cranberry sauce for your holiday (or anytime)
9All you need is:
1 Bag Fresh Cranberries
1 Large Mango – Cubed (ripe and juicy)
3/4 Cup Orange Juice
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Fresh Jalapeno – Seeded and Diced
1 Tbsp (or a little less) Purple Onion – Diced

1 Add the orange juice and brown sugar to a pan over medium heat until brown sugar has dissolved.
Stir in cranberries. Coat well with the juice and sugar.

Reduce heat to medium low and let them “pop”. Stirring often.

When about 1/2 popped, stir in the mango, jalapeno and onion.
Stir well and often. Let everything cook for about 10 minutes or until desired consistency. If you like it thinner, add a little more juice and stir well.
You can serve it hot or cold. I prefer it warm to hot.

Nice blend of sweet and tart and every now and then you’ll taste that little kick from the jalapeno.