I’ve had “Shrimp on the brain” lately.  There is a reason and I’m working on that post but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy this one.
It’s a recipe I tried a few months ago.  As I said when I posted it on Facebook – it had been rolling around in my head for a while and this is what happened with that thought found it’s way to a plate.

What did I use?

6 Shrimp
2 Cloves Garlic, minced
1 Tbsp Butter
Olive Oil
Chili Oil
Chives, chopped
Lemon – Just a slice

I cooked some polenta a couple of days ago and put it in a baking pan in the refrigerator to cool. The truth is, I just didn’t get back to it and that’s why it was done 2 days ahead. 🙂

Cook it according to package directions. Season well and chill. I used a ring “cutter” to cut to the desired size. If I hadn’t had them, I’d have just used a knife and cut it into squares.

brush with olive oil and place on baking sheet under the broiler for 3 to 5 minutes. Check and flip. Heat for 1 to 2 minutes. Sprinkle with parmesan and pop back in the oven, under the broiler until it’s looking crispy and yummy. – (it wasn’t pretty but it worked)


Peel, clean and dry the shrimp well. Season with salt and pepper.


In a medium pan or skillet, over medium heat, add the butter and a little olive oil. Olive oil helps to keep the butter from burning.

Once the butter has melted, toss in the garlic and a little chili oil (amount is up to you. I like a little heat)


Add shrimp and “sear” on one side. It only takes a minute or two.


Turn shrimp and cook for another minute.
Remove from pan and let rest.

Place a piece of polenta on a plate.

Top with shrimp

Pour a little bit of the butter, garlic and chili oil over the top.

Sprinkle with chives.

Squeeze with a little lemon.

Pour a glass of wine and ENJOY!

I’m sure I’ll keep working on this one but it’s easy and good just like it is. Give it a try!