Grilled fish tacos are such a wonderful light dish for summer.

tacos for blog

Not only are they easy but there is no heating up the house by turning on the stove or oven! Come on, THAT ALONE is a reason for making them. 🙂

This is such an easy recipe.   If you go back just a couple posts, you’ll see my recipes for “Grilled Halibut” and one for “Avocado Crema”.  BOTH are used for this dish.

I made the avocado crema and put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool and let the flavors get “aquainted” with one another. (A litttle summer food romance) Then I mixed up the marinade for the halibut, placed the fish in it and put that in the refrigerator too.

Next up was to make a little “Grilled Corn Salsa”

This is all you need:
Grilled Corn
Queso Fresco
Salt & Pepper
Grill the corn and cut if off the ear. Chop a little cilantro, slice and quarter (depending on the size) the radish and crumble some cheese.

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Now toss it all in a bowl, sprinkle in a few shakes of paprika, a pinch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime.

Give it a stir to blend it all together. – Taste and adjust as needed.

corn salsa 2

After the salsa was made and the fish had been grilled, I warmed some corn tortillas on the already hot grill and then headed inside to line up some tacos.  You can wrap a stack of tortillas in some foil and toss the on the grill and not over direct heat while you’re cooking the fish too – works like a charm.

To go along with my tacos, I used a little cabbage salad mix that I picked up at the store but I didn’t use the dressing that came with it.  If you like your cabbage or salad dressed, use the avocado crema.

I put a little of the cabbage salad on the tortilla, added a nice slice of the grilled halibut, a little corn salsa and a nice squeeze of avocado crema.  (Sometimes when I do this, I add a slice or two of Jalapeno too) Then I squeezed a little lime over the top of the taco, poured myself a glass of chilled rosé and sat down outside to eat my dinner and enjoy the summer evening.

It’s summer and what better way to enjoy it?   Ahhh simple pleasures.