I often have leftovers when I cook and I don’t always want to eat them. How many times can I eat exactly the same thing? – Trust me, not many.

Some time ago, when I was working on “Damn Chicken” and was figuring out how to eat chicken all week, I thought “hmmm I love ramen and soup in general so how would it work out if I used my leftovers and made a pretty & yummy bowl of ramen?”
It worked out pretty well and it has become a “go to” for me after a day at the office when I want something quick and good AND I have random stuff in the refrigerator.

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I use whatever protien I may have – Chicken, Duck, Beef, Pork – etc.
I almost always add an egg. Poached, over easy, soft boiled. The soft yolk adds a “sauce” to the dish.
Any vegetables I have. Very often it’s something left from another meal or extra that I bought but didn’t need. Carrots, Celery, Scallions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Peas…. you get the idea.

When I started putting these bowls together I was using store bought ramen. You know it – 6 for $1 and is in so many kitchens because it’s cheap & easy.(Insert joke – my mind just went there too)
I didn’ want so much salt so I’d cook according to the package directions then drain the ramen, reserviing about 2 Tbsp of the liquid to add to the bowl. Later I started using Soba. Most recently Buckwheat Soba.
It is a nice alternative and I have more control over flavors and sodium. Each took less than 20 minutes. When using the store bought ramen – it took about 10 to have dinner in front of me.

Chicken Ramen 

Sliced chicken breast – Roasted the night before.
Egg over easy.
Shredded carrot.
Top Ramen – Chicken flavor, cooked and drained reserving 2 Tbsp of the liquid.

Cook the top ramen and drain most of the liquid.
While the water is heating and the ramen is cooking, slice all of your vegetables, cook your egg and warm the chicken (I used the microwave for 30 seconds)
When the ramen is done, put it in a bowl and top with all of your other ingredients.
Add a little pepper and a squeeze of sriracha – and YOU’RE DONE!

Duck Proscuitto Ramen

ALL of this was leftover from other dishes earlier in the week. – Except the egg, I always have eggs in the refrigerator.

Duck Proscuitto (just cured duck breast that I served on a charcuterie tray)
Tiny Veggies – SO CUTE – Carrot, turnip, beet, radish, parsnip.
Egg, soft boiled.
Top Ramen – Chicken flavor.
Sesame Oil

While heating the water and cooking the soup, warm the peas, steam the zucchini (Microwave 1 minute) and cook the egg.
When the ramen is done cooking, remove the noodles from the pan with a slotted/strainer spoon and put them in your bowl. Once the noodles are out, use the soup to blanch the tiny veggies. I did everything at once EXCEPT the beets. They will turn everything red. Take all of them out then do the beets.
Top the noodles with 2 Tbsp of the soup liquid, Place your other ingredients in the bowl, drizzle with sesame oil, dot with sriracha, give a it a few shakes of pepper and once again – YOU’RE DONE!

Duck breast soba

This one took a little more time but not much.

Salt & Pepper
Duck Breast (cooked the night before. You can use ANY protein. Even good deli meat sliced into strips)
Green Beans
Sesame Oil

For this bowl I used a mix of mushrooms that I had in the refrigerator and dried porcini.
I added about 4 cups of water to a medium sauce pan.
Tossed in a large handful of crimini, oyster, shiitake and dried porcini mushrooms.
A clove of garlic -minced, Onion – thinly sliced,
Salt & Pepper.
Bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Then add the soba and cook according to package directions.

While all fo that is happening, slice the duck or other meat you’re using, cook the egg, slice the green beans, scallions and tomatoes.

When the soba is done, use a slotted/strainer spoon to put it in the bowl. Grab those mushrooms too.
Now toss the green beans in the hot soup. They just take a minute.
It’s time to layer in all of your yummy ingredients and slowly pour as much of the soup liquid over the soup as you’d like. I used about 1/4 of a cup.
Drizzle with sesame oil, a squeeze of sriracha and a shake of salt & pepper. I have some nice finishing salts so I used one of those.

Such an easy way to get a comforting dinner on the table.

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